Kyoto Stream Package
Kyoto Stream Package
Kyoto Stream Package
Kyoto Stream Package
Kyoto Stream Package
Kyoto Stream Package

Kyoto Stream Package

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All designs have full compatibility with Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements.

ようこそ! 🙏🍙🍜

Our Kyoto Stream Package for all Japanese culture lovers and anime or manga fans.

This package is composed of several elements of oriental origin. The background is inspired by scrolls, where words written in kanji with paintbrushes are unveiled. And to complete the scenery there are castles and plants of oriental culture with a red circle in the center of the screen that refers to the Japanese flag.

There are a large number of animations on all the paintings and the alerts are also like scrolls with Japanese elements.

So eat your ramen and prepare your dojo to enjoy it!

This package has 2 versions: animated and non-animated. Feel free to pick the best one for you!

Meant for:

  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • Facebook Gaming

Works perfectly with:

  • Streamlabs OBS
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • Lightstream
  • XSplit
  • and more!

This package contains:

  • Setup Tutorials
  • 5 Animated Screens - Starting, BRB, Ending, Intermission 
  • 1 Offline Screen
  • 12 Animated Alerts (with sound effects)- Twitch, Mixer, Youtube and Facebook Gaming
  • Webcam Frame - 16:9 
  • Modular Stream Labels Overlays - custom icons for each event
  • 43 Stream Panels
  • Animated Stinger  Transition
  • Social Media Headers - Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook
  • Social Media Profile Picture
  • Source Files (.PSD)
  • Font