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Cyberpunk: Night City Stream Alerts
Cyberpunk: Night City Stream Alerts

Cyberpunk: Night City Stream Alerts

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All designs have full compatibility with Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements.

Welcome to Night City! The city that never sleeps.šŸŒ†

Our Cyberpunk: Night City Stream AlertsĀ comes w
ith futuristic designs, this package is one more great choice for those who love sci-fi inspired games, such as Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2, and Observer.

This product is part of ourĀ Cyberpunk: Night City Stream Package. You can see all the animations below!

Another technological art from the cyberpunk universe. Now a little more purple, this package brings an immersion in android reality and a rainy city in the night, delivering a background painting that induces the robotic world.

With variations of purple, lilac, pink and blue all animations and alerts bring Night city to your stream screen.

Meant for:

  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • Facebook Gaming

Works perfectly with:Ā 

  • Streamlabs OBS
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • Lightstream
  • XSplit
  • and more!

This package contains:

  • Setup Tutorials
  • 12 Animated Alerts (with sound effects)- Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Gaming