Lofi Winter Social Media Package

Lofi Winter Social Media Package

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Bring the comfort of winter! ❄️


Time to enjoy a relaxing winter day with our Lofi Winter Social Media Package!


Grab some blankets and drink some hot chocolate! These social media assets bring all the warmth you only find while staying at home during winter!

This product is part of our Lofi Winter Stream Package. You can see all the animations and information about it below!



Following the lofi style, the background was developed with an original illustration full of details and options. You can choose the character's hair style, skin color and even the cat's color. 

A beautiful mountain landscape during winter time brings it all together and sets your channel's vibe to be as "wintery" and cozy as it can be!


  Meant for:

  • Twitch
  • Youtube
  • Facebook Gaming

This package contains:

  • 43 Stream Panels
  • Social Media Headers - Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook
  • Social Media Profile Picture
  • Source Files (.PSD)
  • Font