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How can I install Overlays on StreamElements?

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to upload your overlays to StreamElements, alongside OBS Studio!


1. You can go to StreamElements website and login with the platform you prefer!

After doing that, you’ll be able to check this page right here:

2. You can go to “Streaming Tools” and click on “My Overlays”.

3. In there, you are able to check all overlays you have created! But to make sure everything works fine, click on the “Create New Overlay” option!

4. This will lead you to a new window, where you will be able to choose your overlay resolution! After choosing it, click on “Start”.

5. On the top of the screen, you can rename the scene/overlay to whatever you prefer/want to! After that, you can click on the “Add Widget” option!

6. The following options will show up! And since we are working on our Intermission scene, we can click on the “Static/Custom” option!

7. You can click on the “Image” option if you purchased a static version of a package! And click on the “Video” option if you got an animated package!

8. After clicking on one of these options, a little “frame” will show up on your screen! You can click on the “Change video” option or the “Set image” one (if you chose the “Image” option previously).

9. After that, a window will show up where you will be able to upload the scene! You can go and search the Intermission, for example, you want to use!

Reminder: On this part, everything should already be extracted from the zip folder you downloaded from our store!

After uploading it, you can click on “Submit”.

10. After that, you can click on the “Position, size and style” option! And make sure to inform the same resolution you chose before!

11. On the left bottom side you will notice a “+” icon! You can click there to add more elements to your Intermission scene!

12. Let’s add the “Chat Widget” now! You can click on that “+” sign and then on “Stream Tools” and then “Your Stream’s Chat”.

13. After clicking on the “Your Stream’s Chat” option, you will get a “box” on your screen! That box is the Chat Widget!

You can move the box around and place it on the “Chat” part on the Intermission scene!

On the left side of your screen, you can also edit a few things, like time options, color options, texts, etc.


14. After setting everything, your chat is good to go! Now let’s go to adding the Stream Labels!

You can click on the “+” sign again and then click on “Labels”. Right there, you’ll face a lot of options.

You can choose the one you want to add, one per time, and add them! As an example, we’ll be adding the “Latest Follower” one!

15. It will appear on the top left side of your scene! You can drag around and position it wherever you prefer!

16. To add the Stream Label icon, you can click on the “+” sign, go to “Static/Custom” and click on “Image”.

17. After clicking on “Image” you can go to “Set Image” and search for the stream label you want to use/add.

18. You can upload the icon, submit it and then position it wherever you prefer!

19. After setting everything up, adding all stream labels and stream labels icons, you can add your intermission scene to OBS Studio!

To do that, click on “Save” (top right of your screen) and click on the little “URL” icon right there! Copy that link!

20. After copying it, you can go to OBS Studio, click on create a new scene! Name it as you wish! We’ll name it “Intermission Scene” as well!

21. You can then add a new source, and go to the “Browser” option! Name it as you wish!

22. The following window will show up and you can paste the URL you copied on StreamElements right there!

Make sure to also inform the same resolution you did on StreamElements!

23. After doing that, your Intermission scene is set up and ready to go!

After that, you can go to Sources again and add your display capture, for example! Or even your webcam capture!

If you want to add more things, you can do that directly on OBS Studio (for example, “Starting” and “Offline” screens, etc).

But you can always “mess around” StreamElements to check all possible things you can add and change!


Updated on 26 Jan 2023