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How can I edit the Lofi Winter Package?

Our Lofi Winter Stream Package is well known for its amazing original illustration and also for its many options!

After purchasing it, clients are able to choose the character’s skin color, hairstyle, and even the cat’s fur color! And all of this was created to make sure clients have more freedom when it comes to customization!

So how can I edit those and choose the options I prefer? You can check a little tutorial below on how to edit using the PSD file (only for static purposes!).


1. Make sure to have Photoshop installed on your computer! And then search for the PSD file that is included in the package!

2. Click on it and the following window will open and show up!

3. On the right side, you can check everything you can edit! Like Social Media, Overlays, Intermission, and even Screens!

Make sure to choose the one you want to edit, by marking the little eye icon on the one you want to edit at that moment.

4. After choosing what you want to edit first (we chose “Screens”), you can click on there and options will show up!

5. We will be editing the “Live Now” one, for example! So after clicking there, you can check a few options as well!

We’ll make sure to focus on the “BG” one since that’s the one where you can choose options!

6. Clicking on the “BG” option, you’ll find everything you can edit! On the following folders: “Hair Variation”, “Avatar” and “Cat Variation”.

Those are the ones where you are able to find all the different options! (Make sure to now change or edit the “locked” layers).

7. Now, you can change all of those aspects and choose the ones you prefer!

8. You can do that to all of the other screens, following the same process!

You can also do the same to the other folders, not only “Screens”! But “Social Media”, for example, and others!

9. That’s it! You are now good to go! Make sure to save everything and to always check the “little eye icon” to make sure you are saving the right ones you want!


Remember: This tutorial is about using PSD files to change those options! This only applies to “static” screens, social media assets, etc. To edit those options on animated screens, you can use the AE file, following the same steps but now on After Effects!


Updated on 29 Nov 2022